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Whether you are a CEO or a student, an employee or an entrepreneur, working woman or stay at home mom, there’s no secret that the way to be more productive is to get organized. Not only physically but mentally as well. And the best way to do this is to get a planner and jot down everything you have to do that day or next day. There are plenty of planners in the stores and online. And there are numerous freebies out there too. But where do you get a planner that works for you? Some are too complicated and some don’t have as much categories to get you through the day. This is the very reason why I designed my own that is tailored to what I need.

When I was designing this planner, I kept in mind what a person would need on a daily basis. I think this is the ultimate daily planner that will work for everyone. I used these for a few days and then thought about sharing it with you guys as a free printable. This planner has simplest yet very functional layout. It has been working well for me and I believe that it will serve you guys well too. So, have a look at this free and pretty planner printable.

Isn’t it pretty? It’s colorful and has you covered to tackle your day.

It starts with the day, date and weather to help you plan the day accordingly. Followed by the To Do List. I don’t like to plan the day by hours because I don’t like to be bound on time to do a task but you are free to fill it by hour if you like.

Considering that I like to list down most important and urgent tasks of the day separately from the To Do List so that I don’t procrastinate, I allotted a special section for the Top 3 Priorities. Furthermore, I made sections for Calls, Emails and Appointment individually to avoid it going unnoticed mixed in with other stuff.

In order to streamline your day even more, I made the Meal Prep, Fitness and Daily H2O sections to keep track of your health. No more excuses to stay fit now.

Lastly, I added the Notes section to take any additional notes or to jot down any idea, reminders or maybe a quote to inspire and motivate you throughout the day.

See? I told you that it’s the basic and completely functional daily planner. Conclusively, it will assist you to blissfully carry out your day.

If you think this is the right planner for you then sign up down below to get this Free Daily Planner Printable. But one last thing, instead of printing it out daily or bulk, I would suggest you to laminate it and then reuse it to avoid cluttering up. Hope you enjoy it.

Rabiya ❤

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