The “HOOPS” are back!

I’ve heard my mom and my aunt saying that old fashion trends do make a comeback every now and then. And yes, they have. This time an interesting one. “The Hoops”. I did a little research and got to know that these were popular back in the late 80’s and early 90’s. I was born in the mid 90’s so don’t actually remember the trend but I did see people sporting them because it never really went away for some people. I did own a few myself when I was a teen. However now, many celebrities are also spotted sporting hoops and boy they look gorgeous!
I love the fact that they can be paired with anything whether ethnic or western. But just a tip, pick a few different sizes because you can’t pair a large hoop with every outfit. And pick a few different designs too. I will share some of the designs I own for inspiration.

Hoop large

The Large Hoops

Now this gorgeous piece is a large simple hoop that I pair mostly with tops and dresses with collar, band or choker style necks. In winter they can also be paired with turtle neck dresses. But if you are planning to wear sunglasses then you might want to go for medium sized ones.

Medium Hoop

The Funky/Chunky Hoops

Next is this medium sized funky n chunky hoops. These can be paired with casual tees and colorful Kurtis. I got the bronzy one from a street shop in Pakistan and it came with matching bangles that I left back in Pakistan. It has an edgy look to it.

Small Hoop
Ethnic Hoop

The Formal/Ethnic Hoops​

These two are more on the formal and ethnic side. I would pair these with either a formal evening gown or with any formal ethnic dress to be honest. This one is a little heavy and blingy but my favorite one out of all.


As this classic trend is back on the streets, it’s time to get a new pair! (Another excuse for shopping 😀 ) Think out of the circle this year and get some unique pairs and don’t forget to share the pics your favorite pairs with me on Facebook or Instagram, using the hashtag “#SwishStyle”.

Rabiya ❤

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