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Work work work work work…… Yes, I know how much work we have in our lives and I respect all the different things we work on whether it’s office work, house work, personal work or work out. This is the reality of the modern world. The stressful lifestyle takes over everything so we forget to sit back and relax. This does not mean that we have to stop working or start procrastinating. This simply means that we need to take a break and restart. Trust me when I say that this will make things easier and set you in the zone again.

Yesterday before writing this blog I was brainstorming about what to write about. And I spent the whole day stressing myself to come up with an idea. The result was zero. I couldn’t even come up with a single thing. I had to take the much-needed break to relax my mind. It started raining here so I got my mind off work and decided that I’ll take a break. Well My break was longer than expected. I didn’t work that day. But Next day i.e. today, I sat down and baaam! My mind was overflowing with ideas. I’m not exaggerating. I had like 6-7 new ideas. But before working on the ideas I thought that I should have a little pillow talk.

I know the feeling when the drive to work is so strong but your mind is a little foggy and the efficiency is getting zero. That is exactly when you know that stress is taking over. Now I know that it’s not always possible to take a long break especially when you are in the office and have a deadline. But take a few minutes to stop what you are doing and close your eyes. Do a full body scan to see in which area you might be holding the tension and relax it.

Another thing that you can do is have a warm beverage with mindfulness. It can be herbal tea, chai or coffee. The warmth of a hot beverage can give the sense of coziness, comfort and calm. The three C’s that your body needs to release stress. Just move away from your work space and wipe everything off your mind. Focus on the flavor and warmth of the drink relaxing every muscle in your body.

Talking about moving away from the work space, if you aren’t in the mood to have a warm drink then maybe just change the environment. Take 5 minutes break and go out of the room or maybe out of the office and walk. Take a deep breath and let the fresh air do its magic. But the key here too is to do it with mindfulness. Clear your mind of thoughts and feel the air and the sounds in the surrounding. You might as well ask a colleague to tag along.

Sometimes a new perspective is all you want. So, talking to a friend or a family member might be the way to go. Go ahead and talk it all out whether its work related or not. They most likely would give you a new perspective or insight and they might as well reassure you. This will definitely take your mind off the mundane activities and give you a better head start.

The feeling of stress is uncomfortable but it is normal. The only thing that matters is how you deal with it. These are some things that I do to destress and hope these help you with managing your stress. Although everyone’s way of coping with stress can be different so let me know what are some of the things you do to destress.

Rabiya ❤

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5 thoughts on “Take a break

  1. I really needed this reminder. Sometimes I randomly text my hubby new ideas and things when I am taking a break from work and getting his opinion helps soo much

  2. Right…breaks are a must in life…may b short or long but breaks from routine help to refresh .. rejuvenate….from a stroll in the corridor..a coffee break .to weekends to a long break all are a must..

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