Instant Coconut Laddoos (Coconut Truffles)

Happy Independence Day guys! Most of you don’t know about my ethnicity. I am a Pakistani raised in Saudi Arabia. I celebrate both Independence Days to be fair lol. So today I had to make something traditional, sweet and “green”. Although green is optional but just to show my patriotism. But because I had lots of work to do so I needed a quick recipe. So I tumbled upon this recipe on Facebook and adjusted the recipe according to my taste.

You Will Need:

  • Coconut (desiccated or freshly grated) – 2 cups
  • Condensed milk – 1 tin (397 gm)
  • Cardamom powder – 1/2 tsp
  • Rose water or Orange blossom water – few drops
  • Green food color – as required

For garnishing: 

  • Desiccated coconut – as required
  • Almonds – as required


1. Add the condensed milk to the pan and heat it up on slow flame. Keep stirring it as it burns easily.

2. Add the cardamom powder, rose water or orange blossom water and food color and mix it well.

3. Now add in the coconut and incorporate it in. The mixture will start to harden and form a dough. Now set it aside to cool.

4. When the mixture is warm and easy to handle, roll it out into bite size balls. Remember that it will be hard to work with the dough if it is cold so you need to work with it while its warm. 

5. Then take desiccated coconut in a flat plate and roll the coconut balls in it. now place the almonds on top and press lightly. 

Serve it as a dessert or a treat.

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