I am a foodie. Some people say that’s because of my zodiac sign lol. But I love food what so ever. I started cooking when I was 8. I know that is so young to start cooking right. But that was when I found my passion for cooking. The first thing I made was Chai. From that point onward my love for food kept growing and now I cook gourmet food. Well sometimes I do get all fancy too. 

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Murgh Malai Kabab
Murgh Malai Kabab (Creamy Chicken Kabab) Murgh means chicken, malai means cream and I’m pretty sure every one knows what kabab is. As the name suggests, it melts in your mouth right away. It’s creamy and rich and so easy to make. You’ll definitely wonder why you haven’t tried this
Persian Lentil Soup or Adasi
Persian Lentil Soup “Adasi” I was scrolling down my Facebook feed yesterday and I came across a delicious looking soup that a lady shared in a group. It was a Persian chicken and oat soup. It looked great but she didn’t post the recipe so I did some search and
Dhuwan Murgh (Smoked Chicken Curry)
Dhuwan Murgh(Smoked Chicken Curry) Dhuwan Murgh is a Pakistani dish. It is chicken that is cooked in a flavorful gravy which is infused with coal smoke and then layered with yogurt and garnished. It is one of the best main courses you will ever come across. It’s spicy, it’s flavorful, the chicken is juicy and
Fruity Green Smoothie
Fruity Green Smoothie With the transition of weather from warm to cold , my yummy cold smoothies will turn into hot chocolates and teas. As much as I love winters, I’ll miss the cold smoothies. So before it get’s cold I thought I’d kick things off with sharing one of my favorite
Classic Garlic Bread
Classic Garlic Bread Whenever you walk into any pizza place, the first first thing you ask for as an appetizer is garlic bread. I don’t know about you guys but my family loves it and we devour it before the pizza arrives. But once I learnt to make it at home
Kaleji (Liver Masala)
Kaleji (Liver Masala) As Eid ul Azha is approaching, I thought I’ll share some Meat recipes with you guys. For those of you who are not Muslims, Eid is our religious event. We sacrifice a goat,sheep, cow or a camel and distribute it to neighbors and needy people and keep
Instant Coconut Laddoos (Coconut Truffles)
Instant Coconut Laddoos (Coconut Truffles) Happy Independence Day guys! Most of you don’t know about my ethnicity. I am a Pakistani raised in Saudi Arabia. I celebrate both Independence Days to be fair lol. So today I had to make something traditional, sweet and “green”. Although green is optional but just to show