DIY Honeycomb Shelf

What can be more boring in a room than a blank wall? If you are on a budget or you want to add a touch of your creative side on your wall and you don’t know what to do. Don’t worry I got your back with this easy and budget friendly DIY. This is a pretty and minimalist looking shelf to display your dainty decoration pieces.

Isn’t this pretty? 
Well this is very easy to make. You just need a few things to get started, most of which you’ll have at home. So let’s get on it. 

Things You Will Need:

1. Popsicle Sticks 2-3 packs.
2. Glue gun
3. Tape
4. A hexagon template (For reference)
5. Wood stain/Paint/Spray paint of choice (optional)

Place the template on the table and  tape it down so it doesn’t move. To lay the foundation place the Popsicle sticks parallel to the black sides of the template and tape it down as well as shown in the image below.

Now apply some glue on the edges of the two Popsicle sticks that are facing each other and place another Popsicle stick on top that will overlap the taped sticks and make sure it is parallel to the grey sides of the template. Like shown in the pic below.

After placing all the popsicle sticks around the template, the foundation will be complete and will form a hexagon or honeycomb shape.

Now you can remove the tape from the sticks and remove the template as well. Do the same thing with the second hexagon as we did with the first. Making sure that everything is aligned properly. And continue this process till the selves reach the desired depth. Now this is how my shelf looks.

At this point you have the opportunity to show your creativeness and add your little touch to this DIY. You can spray paint or hand paint it to match your decor. You can stain the wood as well. I prefer the fresh cut wood look more than the polished and stained look.

And TADAAAA!!! Your shelf is ready. You can display your decoration pieces, candles or small succulent plants as well. ‘You do you!’ Do what represents your taste. 

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