Bring Life To Dull Hair With This Miracle Product

Two years back I wanted to change my hair color because I was bored of the same color and wanted to experiment. As much as I loved my jet black silky hair, I wanted something new. At first, I changed it to chocolate brown. I kept it for 6 months and then went for black again. Then after a while I went for a balayage. Yeah, I know, going for a light color after dying it black sucked the life out of my hair. I love balayage but all that bleach made my silky hair dry, frizzy and rough. And I tried everything to put back life in it. Alas! Nothing worked……. Until one fine day walking past an aisle at the grocery store I came across this miracle product. L’Oréal Paris Elvive Total Repair 5 Repairing Oil Replacement (A mouth full 😛 )

It is a light weight cream that can be used as an oil replacement before bath, conditioner and as a leave in conditioner. I tried it as an oil replacement first, it somehow didn’t work as well. Then I tried it as a conditioner and it did make my hair softer. This surprised me a bit to be honest. Then I tried it as a leave in conditioner and boy I was surprised!
I have a greasy scalp and it makes my hair flat so I was worried about it weighing my hair down but it didn’t. I did as it said in the instructions to apply a tiny amount on wet hair before blow drying. I don’t blow dry my hair at all. I avoid heat as my hair is already damaged from the bleach so I let it air dry and it still works. I like it best as a leave in conditioner.
I HIGHLY recommended this product to people with dry and damaged hair. It works wonders! My hair is softer and shinier than ever.

Rabiya ❤

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