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Rabiya Khan

Hey guys! My name is Rabiya and I’m a 23-year-young girl who is enthusiastic about everything that’s happening in the world. I love to explore everything and strive the whole lot out as life is simply too short to live a dull life. A passion of mine is to help women entrepreneurs to build the life of their dreams. So I have designed different courses, from finding purpose in life to building that dream empire.

Another one of passions is to share my life and inspire women that everything is possible if you have the will to achieve it. I have seen a lot of YouTubers sharing their everyday lives with the world. And I absolutely loved this idea of entertainment and this is what actually inspired me to create my own weblogs! I have always been really passionate about starting my own YouTube channel but due to my studies, I was unable to follow my passion and decided to start working on it once I get done with my studies. So here I am! With lots of buzz and fuss! I need you fellas to tag along in my adventures where I will be writing and sharing the whole lot I’m passionate about. 

This space isn’t just about me, so you guys can suggest things that you want me to share and I will be more than happy to do so. We can be a little web family! And I’ll start my channel shortly so stay tuned for that. ❤