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How To Find Life’s Purpose (Ikigai) Since we are born, our purpose is defined by others. We finish our education and get a perfect job or maybe get married and have a perfect family. These are the things that are considered perfect and satisfying. But in spite of having them,
Murgh Malai Kabab
Murgh Malai Kabab (Creamy Chicken Kabab) Murgh means chicken, malai means cream and I’m pretty sure every one knows what kabab is. As the name suggests, it melts in your mouth right away. It’s creamy and rich and so easy to make. You’ll definitely wonder why you haven’t tried this
The Ultimate Daily Planner
The Ultimate Daily Planner Whether you are a CEO or a student, an employee or an entrepreneur, working woman or stay at home mom, there’s no secret that the way to be more productive is to get organized. Not only physically but mentally as well. And the best way to
Persian Lentil Soup or Adasi
Persian Lentil Soup “Adasi” I was scrolling down my Facebook feed yesterday and I came across a delicious looking soup that a lady shared in a group. It was a Persian chicken and oat soup. It looked great but she didn’t post the recipe so I did some search and
Essence Eyeliner and Mascara
Essence Eyeliner and Mascara I’m a sucker for anything that gives a dramatic result. And when it comes to cosmetics and skincare that claims to do something dramatic, I get more excited. But it’s a hassle to find anything with results that make all other products pale in comparison. But boy
Bring Life To Dull Hair With This Miracle Product
Bring Life To Dull Hair With This Miracle Product Two years back I wanted to change my hair color because I was bored of the same color and wanted to experiment. As much as I loved my jet black silky hair, I wanted something new. At first, I changed it
The hoops are back!
The “HOOPS” are back! I’ve heard my mom and my aunt saying that old fashion trends do make a comeback every now and then. And yes, they have. This time an interesting one. “The Hoops”. I did a little research and got to know that these were popular back in
Take a break
Take a break Work work work work work…… Yes, I know how much work we have in our lives and I respect all the different things we work on whether it’s office work, house work, personal work or work out. This is the reality of the modern world. The stressful
DIY Cinnamon Roll Lips Scrub and Lemon Lip Mask
DIY Cinnamon Roll Lips Scrub and Lemon Lip Mask We do take care of our skin everyday and set a daytime and nighttime routine but we often neglect our lips. Most of us remove our lipstick at the end of the day and feel like we are done. Well who
Dhuwan Murgh (Smoked Chicken Curry)
Dhuwan Murgh(Smoked Chicken Curry) Dhuwan Murgh is a Pakistani dish. It is chicken that is cooked in a flavorful gravy which is infused with coal smoke and then layered with yogurt and garnished. It is one of the best main courses you will ever come across. It’s spicy, it’s flavorful, the chicken is juicy and